Summer 2022 - Div F

The Opposition - Summer 2022 - Div F Champions

Team NameRankPlayedWonLostDrawAbdnPenaltyPointsAverageNRRComments
The Opposition 1109010023923.91.97Champions
Avengers 2109100023623.61.99League Champions Runners-up
Cerealkillers 397200019521.671.98lost semis
Master Minds 497110019021.111.05lost semis
Lastsamurais 586200017922.381.72lost qtrs
Titans 686200016620.752.18lost qtrs
Daredevils CC 785300015519.381.56lost qtrs
Team Sharks 885300014317.880.79lost qtrs
Coconut Thieves - Lions 975200013419.140.40 
Seattle Blues 10752000133190.77 
Sound8 1175200013018.570.12 
Seattle Swatkats 1275200011616.57-0.26 
Royal Strikers 1374300011616.570.23 
ATB Seattle Shockers 14743000112160.40 
Twelves Gladiators 1573400010014.29-0.11 
Crichawks 167340009914.14-1.02 
Slammers 177340008912.71-0.41 
Sheirokom Team 187340008612.29-0.63 
Xtremers 197250008311.86-0.07 
C-Hawks 207250007911.290.17 
Power Play 217250007911.29-0.54 
Takbeer 227250007911.29-0.74 
Seattle Devils 237250007410.57-0.95 
Ben Chokes 247250007210.29-1.47 
Seattle Warhogs 25725000659.29-1.06 
Orange Army 26725000649.14-1.25 
Magnolia Panthers 27716000618.71-0.97 
Seattle Prime 28707000385.43-1.51 
Stones 29707000284-2.08 
Sb Cricket Club 30707002000-3.38 

Division Stars

The Opposition Champions
Avengers League Champions Runners-up
Cerealkillers lost semis

Best Batter

Krishna Chaitanya Ambadipudi Team Sharks
Dhruvv Arora Titans
Rathish Shriyan Cerealkillers

Best Bowler

Shiva Naralasetti Team Sharks
Nisarg Upadhyay Titans
Rithvik Manepalli ATB Seattle Shockers

Best All Rounder

Nisarg Upadhyay Titans
Siam Abdullah Sheirokom Team
Sudhanshu Shekhar Power Play