General League FAQ

You can find many of the answers to your queries on the Rules page

How do I join a team?

All the teams are looking for players of all levels. Click the link -- About Us and at the bottom of the page you will find information about FB page. Please post your information to join a team

How to register a team?

1. Click here for the registration wizard and log in with your team credentials. (Login -> 'My team links' -> 'Register Team')
2. Select the current season you are registering for from the drop-down.
3. You will be presented with three registration steps. In the first step, you are required to read the rules of the league and ensure you have two team contacts. This is a mandatory step to complete the registration.
4. The next step requires you to enter your name as it appears on your credit card along with the league selection.
5. You will then be redirected to a secure payment portal where you will enter your credit card details as shown. *Please ensure you enter your team name when asked for your Customer ID.*
6. Specifically for men, since there is a cap of 168 teams, an announcement (via email, FB, ARCL homepage announcement, WhatsApp Groups) will be made with the exact date time as to when the registration will be open. New/drop-out teams will be admitted to the season based on registration date time. The teams will be declined registration if they don't make the cut of 168 and their fees will be refunded.

How to get team credentials?

For New teams, credentials can be requested by sending an email to along with their team name and contact information (name, email, phone) of two team members.

What are the registration fees?

• Existing Youth / Women Team – $250
• New Youth / Women Team (Kit - $180) – $430
• Existing Men Team – $700
• New Men Team / Last division team (deposit - $100) – $800
• New Men Team / Last division team (deposit - $100, Kit $200) – $900
• Please select the appropriate option when you register.
• Once in a while, there will be revisions in fees and it will be reflected in the registration wizard.

Why the deposit of $100 is collected?

From past leagues, it has become apparent that some new/last division teams are involved in multiple no-shows for games/umpiring assignments because of which its collected. This deposit will be refunded after the season is over provided there are no penalties incurred in the season.

How to check registration status?

Registration will be approved once payment is verified. Once you register, please verify your registrtaion status here
• Status -- Approved (team is registered)
• Status - 'Declined - Registration Fees not paid' (team did not complete the process to pay the fees)
• Status - 'Pending - Invalid team' (team name entered in the Customer ID field during the regsitration payment process was invalid)
• Status - 'Pending' (missing contact details / unpaid penalties / wrong amount paid.)

What happens after registration?

Rankings (more details in the rules ) will be done based on past season performance and registration date time (for new teams), website will be updated with the division/teams/contact information and finally the schedule will be released. All these dates will be shared in the registration email, on FB, WhatsApp Groups (you can see these division based groups once you login) and on the announcements section on arcl homepage.

How do I get the hard tennis balls/kit for the upcoming league?

• Login and click “Display Penalties” to see the promo code for
• Go to
• Add the “arcl hard tennis” item to your cart. For kit add stumps, bag, tape, hard tennis balls (for men league only) and cones.
• Complete the checkout process by adding the promo code in ‘Discount Codes’ field and click 'Apply coupon’. The total amount should be $0.00.
• Select ‘store pickup” for free delivery. (Instructions will be provided).
• For home delivery, you will see additional charges.

Where will be the matches scheduled?

All the matches will be held in various grounds (Click the links -- Reservations , Directions to see ground information). Check your game's schedule.

How long will it take to finish a match?

Please refer to the rules for match durations and league formats. Games will be conducted throughout the day and only in the weekends.

Do you have any awards for the Champions?

We have awards for the champions, runner-up, best batsman, best bowler etc!!! Click the link -- Rules and you will find award details.

Can I play for two different teams?

No player can play for more than one team in the league. They can change sides for the next league. This rule and many other rules are listed under Rules link

Website FAQ

You can find many of the answers to your queries on the Rules page

1. How do I login?

Click the Login link on the top right corner. Enter your team's Username and Password. Once Logged in, you will be automatically routed to your team links. If you do not have a login id, please email "Registration team" alias (all arcl aliases are listed at the bottom of the About Us page.

2. How can I upload my team's scorecard?

Once logged in, click on your division, click on scorecard tab and you will find upload link against your match.

3. How can I update my player's name across all scorecards for stats purposes?

Login and click on the ‘Update Player’ link or 'Merge Player' link to update player details

4. Where can I find contacts to all the teams?

Once you login, you can view it on the team links page.

5. How can I contact ARCL for queries/feedback/suggestions?

Click on "About Us" on the left panel and at the bottom of the page you will find ARCL contact information.

6. Where can I see previous ARCL Survey Results?

Check it out on: Surveys.

7. Where can I see ARCL Tax Returns?

Check it out on: Taxes.

8. Where can I find the privacy policies, terms of agreements and waiver documents ?

Check it out on: Privacy Policies Forms, Terms of Service, Waiver Forms

9. How do my team players sign the wiaver agreements ?

Check it out on: Steps to sign the waiver agreemnt

10. Where can I find the paper scoring template?

Check it out on: Scoresheet.