Summer 2022 - Div E

Washington Cricketers - Summer 2022 - Div E Champions

Team NameRankPlayedWonLostDrawAbdnPenaltyPointsAverageNRRComments
Washington Cricketers 1109100023723.71.76League Champions Champions
Seattle United 2108200019919.90.90Runners-up
India Rebels 397200018420.440.573rd Place
The Dons 496300016618.440.62lost semis
Hell Boyz 586200015919.881.26League Champions lost qtrs
Swing N Drive 685300014217.751.60lost qtrs
Crypto Challengers 785300014017.50.92lost qtrs
Invincible Vikings 885300013416.750.59lost qtrs
Willow Wielders 974300012017.140.28 
Legion Of Dhoom 1073310010314.71-0.08 
Hyderabad Blues 1173310010314.71-0.15 
White Wolves 1274300010214.57-1.06 
Indiawaale 1373400010214.570.16 
Seattle Sunrisers 147340009814-0.27 
ATB Warriors 157340009413.430.23 
Thunder 167340009213.14-0.61 
Big Shots 177340008011.43-0.06 
Varutha Padatha Valibar Sangam 1872500077110.37 
Gilly 197250007711-1.41 
Sunrisers 207250007510.71-0.69 
Rising Stars 21716000598.43-1.06 
Weekend Warriors 22716000568-0.93 
Super Kings Returns 23716000527.43-1.77 
Blue And Green 24716000497-1.58 

Division Stars

Washington Cricketers League Champions Champions
Seattle United Runners-up
India Rebels 3rd Place
Hell Boyz League Champions lost qtrs

Best Batter

Arvind Muthu Krishnan Washington Cricketers
Uday Gattepally Thunder
Vikas Srivastava Swing N Drive

Best Bowler

Yash Rolyan India Rebels
Kumar Kaushik Swing N Drive
Logesh RS Rising Stars

Best All Rounder

Arvind Muthu Krishnan Washington Cricketers
Kumar Kaushik Swing N Drive
Charan CH The Dons