Spring 2023 - Div C

League Scorecards

Master Minds_vs_Seattle Blues 07/22/2023Master Minds Won
Super Fit Challengers_vs_Seattle Blues 07/16/2023Seattle Blues Won
India Rebels_vs_Master Minds 07/16/2023Master Minds Won
India Rebels_vs_Pulikkoottam - Kings 07/08/2023India Rebels Won
Super Fit Challengers_vs_Slammers 07/08/2023Super Fit Challengers Won
Master Minds_vs_Sharabi Cricketers 07/08/2023Master Minds Won
Seattle Blues_vs_Daredevils CC 07/08/2023Seattle Blues Won
Seattle Gems_vs_Takbeer 03/18/2023Seattle Gems Won
CrickChamps_vs_Seattle Blues 03/25/2023Seattle Blues Won
Sound8_vs_Slammers 03/25/2023Slammers Won
Sheirokom Team_vs_Master Minds 03/25/2023Master Minds Won
Pirates of Seattle_vs_Sidewinders Reloaded 03/25/2023Pirates of Seattle Won
Pulikkoottam - Kings_vs_Team Gryphon 03/25/2023Pulikkoottam - Kings Won
Sunrisers_vs_Daredevils CC 03/25/2023Tie
Pulikkoottam - Blasterz_vs_India Rebels 03/25/2023India Rebels Won
Bouncers_vs_Destroyers 03/25/2023Bouncers Won
SeattleJaguars_vs_Eight Musketers 03/25/2023SeattleJaguars Won
Sharabi Cricketers_vs_Northern Thunder 03/25/2023sharabi cricketers Won
Torpedoes_vs_Super Fit Challengers 03/25/2023Super Fit Challengers Won
Eight Musketers_vs_Daredevils CC 04/02/2023daredevils cc Won
India Rebels_vs_Northern Thunder 04/02/2023India Rebels Won
SeattleJaguars_vs_Pulikkoottam - Kings 04/02/2023Pulikkoottam - Kings Won
Pulikkoottam - Blasterz_vs_Sheirokom Team 04/02/2023Pulikkoottam - Blasterz Won
Sunrisers_vs_Sound8 04/02/2023sunrisers Won
Super Fit Challengers_vs_Destroyers 04/02/2023Super Fit Challengers Won, Destroyers penalized (multiple players rule)
Pirates of Seattle_vs_Seattle Blues 04/02/2023Seattle Blues Won
Seattle Gems_vs_Master Minds 04/02/2023Master Minds Won
CrickChamps_vs_Torpedoes 04/02/2023CrickChamps Won
Team Gryphon_vs_Slammers 04/08/2023Tie
Bouncers_vs_Sidewinders Reloaded 04/08/2023Sidewinders Reloaded Won
Pirates of Seattle_vs_CrickChamps 04/09/2023Pirates of Seattle Won
Seattle Gems_vs_Pulikkoottam - Blasterz 04/09/2023Pulikkoottam - Blasterz Won
India Rebels_vs_Master Minds 04/09/2023Match Abandon
Team Gryphon_vs_Sound8 04/15/2023Sound8 Won
Torpedoes_vs_Pirates of Seattle 04/15/2023Pirates of Seattle Won
Destroyers_vs_Sidewinders Reloaded 04/15/2023Sidewinders Reloaded Won, Destroyers penalized (multiple players rule)
CrickChamps_vs_Super Fit Challengers 04/15/2023Super Fit Challengers Won
Sheirokom Team_vs_Seattle Gems 04/15/2023Seattle Gems Won
Northern Thunder_vs_Pulikkoottam - Blasterz 04/15/2023Pulikkoottam - Blasterz Won
Takbeer_vs_Sharabi Cricketers 04/15/2023Sharabi Cricketers Won
Pulikkoottam - Kings_vs_Daredevils CC 04/15/2023daredevils cc Won
SeattleJaguars_vs_Slammers 04/15/2023slammers Won
Bouncers_vs_Seattle Blues 04/15/2023Seattle Blues Won
Sunrisers_vs_Eight Musketers 04/15/2023Eight Musketers Won
Master Minds_vs_Sharabi Cricketers 04/22/2023Sharabi Cricketers Won
Eight Musketers_vs_Pulikkoottam - Kings 04/30/2023Pulikkoottam - Kings Won
Northern Thunder_vs_Takbeer 05/06/2023Takbeer Won
Sharabi Cricketers_vs_Sheirokom Team 05/06/2023sharabi cricketers Won
SeattleJaguars_vs_Sound8 05/06/2023Sound8 Won
Sunrisers_vs_Team Gryphon 05/06/2023Sunrisers Won
Bouncers_vs_Torpedoes 05/06/2023Bouncers Won
Super Fit Challengers_vs_Sidewinders Reloaded 05/06/2023Super Fit Challengers Won
Destroyers_vs_Seattle Blues 05/06/2023Seattle Blues Won, Destroyers penalized (multiple players rule)
Daredevils CC_vs_Slammers 05/06/2023Slammers Won
India Rebels_vs_Takbeer 05/14/2023India Rebels Won
Team Gryphon_vs_SeattleJaguars 05/20/2023Team Gryphon Won
Seattle Gems_vs_Sharabi Cricketers 05/21/2023Sharabi Cricketers Won
Pirates of Seattle_vs_Super Fit Challengers 05/21/2023Super Fit Challengers Won
Seattle Blues_vs_Sidewinders Reloaded 05/21/2023Seattle Blues Won
Sunrisers_vs_Pulikkoottam - Kings 05/21/2023Pulikkoottam - Kings Won
Bouncers_vs_CrickChamps 05/21/2023Bouncers Won
Master Minds_vs_Northern Thunder 05/21/2023Master Minds Won
Slammers_vs_Eight Musketers 05/21/2023Eight Musketers Won
Sound8_vs_Daredevils CC 05/21/2023Daredevils CC Won
Sheirokom Team_vs_India Rebels 05/21/2023India Rebels Won
Destroyers_vs_Torpedoes 05/21/2023Destroyers Won
Takbeer_vs_Pulikkoottam - Blasterz 06/03/2023Pulikkoottam - Blasterz Won
SeattleJaguars_vs_Sunrisers 06/10/2023Sunrisers Won
Bouncers_vs_Pirates of Seattle 06/11/2023Pirates of Seattle Won
Pulikkoottam - Blasterz_vs_Sharabi Cricketers 06/11/2023Sharabi Cricketers Won
Takbeer_vs_Master Minds 06/11/2023Master Minds Won
Pulikkoottam - Kings_vs_Slammers 06/11/2023Slammers Won
Eight Musketers_vs_Sound8 06/11/2023Sound8 Won
Sheirokom Team_vs_Northern Thunder 06/11/2023Northern Thunder Won
Sidewinders Reloaded_vs_Torpedoes 06/11/2023Torpedoes Won
CrickChamps_vs_Destroyers 06/11/2023Destroyers Won
India Rebels_vs_Seattle Gems 06/11/2023India Rebels Won
Daredevils CC_vs_Team Gryphon 06/11/2023Team Gryphon Won
Seattle Blues_vs_Super Fit Challengers 06/17/2023Super Fit Challengers Won
Takbeer_vs_Sheirokom Team 06/24/2023Sheirokom Team Won
Team Gryphon_vs_Eight Musketers 06/24/2023Eight Musketers Won
Seattle Gems_vs_Northern Thunder 06/24/2023Northern Thunder Won
Sidewinders Reloaded_vs_CrickChamps 06/24/2023CrickChamps Won
Pulikkoottam - Blasterz_vs_Master Minds 06/24/2023Tie
Super Fit Challengers_vs_Bouncers 06/24/2023Super Fit Challengers Won
Sunrisers_vs_Slammers 06/24/2023Tie
SeattleJaguars_vs_Daredevils CC 06/24/2023Daredevils CC Won
Sharabi Cricketers_vs_India Rebels 06/24/2023India Rebels Won
Sound8_vs_Pulikkoottam - Kings 06/24/2023Pulikkoottam - Kings Won
Destroyers_vs_Pirates of Seattle 06/24/2023Destroyers Won
Torpedoes_vs_Seattle Blues 06/24/2023Seattle Blues Won