Spring 2023 - Div B

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Umpiring Assignments

Upcoming Games

League Schedule

DateTimeGroundTeam1Team2UmpireUmpire2Match TypeWinnerRunnerComment
Sunday 03/19/20231:00 PMEastlake High School Stadium (Section 2) (Pitch 3)DeadPoolMaster BlastersBellevueBoyzbatting sideLeague Master Blasters DeadPool(1) 
Sunday 03/19/20238:00 AMRedmond High School Stadium (Section 1) (Pitch 1)Ruthless StrikersPitchHikersThe Oppositionbatting sideLeague PitchHikers Ruthless Strikers(8) 
Sunday 03/19/202310:30 AMRedmond High School Stadium (Section 1) (Pitch 2)The DonsThe OppositionRuthless Strikersbatting sideLeague The Opposition The Dons(3) 
Sunday 03/19/20231:00 PMRedmond High School Stadium (Section 1) (Pitch 3)GalacticosStunnersDabangDashersbatting sideLeague Stunners Galacticos(4) 
Sunday 03/19/20233:30 PMRedmond High School Stadium (Section 1) (Pitch 4)BATMEN RISESDabangDashersStunnersbatting sideLeague BATMEN RISES DabangDashers(7) 
Sunday 03/19/20238:00 AMRedmond High School Stadium (Section 2) (Pitch 1)PSCC SarfaroshGreat EightTitansbatting sideLeague PSCC Sarfarosh Great Eight(5) 
Sunday 03/19/202310:30 AMRedmond High School Stadium (Section 2) (Pitch 2)TitansTeam-MIBPSCC Sarfaroshbatting sideLeague Titans Team-MIB(4) 
Sunday 03/19/20231:00 PMRedmond High School Stadium (Section 2) (Pitch 3)Sidewinders ExplodedLastsamuraisPower Hittersbatting sideLeague Lastsamurais Sidewinders Exploded(9) 
Sunday 03/19/20233:30 PMRedmond High School Stadium (Section 2) (Pitch 4)BATMENPower HittersSidewinders Explodedbatting sideLeague BATMEN Power Hitters(9) 
Saturday 03/25/202312:00 PMEastlake High School Stadium (Section 1) (Pitch 2)Dabangg RegimentWeekend WarriorsTurbosbatting sideLeague Weekend Warriors Dabangg Regiment(6) 
Saturday 03/25/20232:30 PMEastlake High School Stadium (Section 1) (Pitch 4)TurbosLagaanWeekend Warriorsbatting sideLeague Lagaan Turbos(5) 
Saturday 03/25/202312:00 PMEastlake High School Stadium (Section 2) (Pitch 2)XtremersIndian HawksSunrisersbatting sideLeague Xtremers Indian Hawks(7) 
Sunday 04/02/202310:30 AMEastlake High School Stadium (Section 2) (Pitch 2)PitchHikersStunnersThe Donsbatting sideLeague PitchHikers Stunners(4) 
Sunday 04/02/20231:00 PMEastlake High School Stadium (Section 2) (Pitch 3)The OppositionGalacticosStunnersbatting sideLeague The Opposition Galacticos(3) 
Sunday 04/02/20236:00 PMHartman Park-Soccer Field (Pitch 5)Ruthless StrikersMaster BlastersSuper 8batting sideLeague Tie/Abandon   
Sunday 04/02/20238:00 AMNorth Robinswood ParkBATMENBATMEN RISESRoyal Strikersbatting sideLeague BATMEN BATMEN RISES(6) 
Sunday 04/02/20239:00 AMNorth SeaTac ParkTitansSidewinders ExplodedTeam-MIBbatting sideLeague Titans Sidewinders Exploded(5) 
Sunday 04/02/202311:30 AMNorth SeaTac ParkPower HittersTeam-MIBSidewinders Explodedbatting sideLeague Power Hitters Team-MIB(3) 
Sunday 04/02/20232:00 PMNorth SeaTac ParkDabangDashersLastsamuraisLagaanbatting sideLeague DabangDashers Lastsamurais(5) 
Sunday 04/02/20234:30 PMNorth SeaTac ParkLagaanGreat EightLastsamuraisbatting sideLeague Lagaan Great Eight(5) 
Sunday 04/02/202312:30 PMPerigo Park-Softball Field 2 (Pitch 3)Dabangg RegimentXtremersIndian Hawksbatting sideLeague Xtremers Dabangg Regiment(5) 
Sunday 04/02/20233:00 PMPerigo Park-Softball Field 2 (Pitch 4)Indian HawksTurbosSupernovasbatting sideLeague Indian Hawks Turbos(6) 
Saturday 04/08/202312:00 PMEastlake High School Stadium (Section 1) (Pitch 2)GalacticosThe DonsHuntersbatting sideLeague The Dons Galacticos(6) 
Saturday 04/08/20236:00 PMGrassLawn Park-Softball Field 1 (Pitch 5)Weekend WarriorsTurbosAppatuckersbatting sideLeague Weekend Warriors Turbos(4) 
Saturday 04/08/20234:30 PMRon RegisLastsamuraisBATMENWhite Wolvesbatting sideLeague BATMEN Lastsamurais(5) 
Saturday 04/15/20238:00 AMGrassLawn Park-Softball Field 1 (Pitch 1)StunnersRuthless StrikersThe Donsbatting sideLeague Ruthless Strikers Stunners(8) 
Saturday 04/15/202310:30 AMGrassLawn Park-Softball Field 1 (Pitch 2)The DonsMaster BlastersGalacticosbatting sideLeague Master Blasters The Dons(8) 
Saturday 04/15/20231:00 PMGrassLawn Park-Softball Field 1 (Pitch 3)DeadPoolGalacticosMaster Blastersbatting sideLeague DeadPool Galacticos(1) 
Saturday 04/15/20233:30 PMGrassLawn Park-Softball Field 1 (Pitch 4)The OppositionPitchHikersLastsamuraisbatting sideLeague The Opposition PitchHikers(6) 
Saturday 04/15/20236:00 PMGrassLawn Park-Softball Field 1 (Pitch 5)TitansLastsamuraisThe Oppositionbatting sideLeague Lastsamurais Titans(6) 
Saturday 04/15/20238:00 AMHidden Valley Park Field 1 (Pitch 1)BATMENDabangDashersBATMEN RISESbatting sideLeague DabangDashers BATMEN(6) 
Saturday 04/15/202310:30 AMHidden Valley Park Field 1 (Pitch 2)BATMEN RISESTeam-MIBBATMENbatting sideLeague BATMEN RISES Team-MIB(9) 
Saturday 04/15/20231:00 PMHidden Valley Park Field 1 (Pitch 3)Sidewinders ExplodedPower HittersWeekend Warriorsbatting sideLeague Power Hitters Sidewinders Exploded(7) 
Saturday 04/15/20233:30 PMHidden Valley Park Field 1 (Pitch 4)PSCC SarfaroshWeekend WarriorsPower Hittersbatting sideLeague Weekend Warriors PSCC Sarfarosh(1) 
Saturday 04/15/20238:00 AMNorth Robinswood ParkIndian HawksGreat EightIndia Rebelsbatting sideLeague Indian Hawks Great Eight(2) 
Saturday 04/15/20239:00 AMNorth SeaTac ParkDabangg RegimentTurbosTeam Gryphonbatting sideLeague Turbos Dabangg Regiment(4) 
Saturday 04/22/20236:00 PMHidden Valley Park Field 1 (Pitch 5)XtremersWeekend WarriorsSharabi Cricketersbatting sideLeague Weekend Warriors Xtremers(5) 
Sunday 04/30/20236:00 PMHartman Park-Soccer Field (Pitch 5)StunnersMaster BlastersMagnolia Tigersbatting sideLeague Master Blasters Stunners(6) 
Sunday 04/30/20238:00 AMNorth Robinswood ParkThe OppositionRuthless StrikersPirates of Seattlebatting sideLeague Tie/Abandon Ruthless Strikers(15) 
Sunday 04/30/20239:00 AMNorth SeaTac ParkDeadPoolPitchHikersTeam-MIBbatting sideLeague PitchHikers DeadPool(4) 
Sunday 04/30/202311:30 AMNorth SeaTac ParkBATMENTeam-MIBDeadPoolbatting sideLeague BATMEN Team-MIB(3) 
Sunday 04/30/20232:00 PMNorth SeaTac ParkTitansDabangDashersBATMENbatting sideLeague Titans DabangDashers(7) 
Sunday 04/30/20234:30 PMNorth SeaTac ParkPower HittersLastsamuraisTitansbatting sideLeague Power Hitters Lastsamurais(3) 
Sunday 04/30/20233:00 PMPerigo Park-Softball Field 2 (Pitch 4)BATMEN RISESSidewinders ExplodedLagaanbatting sideLeague BATMEN RISES Sidewinders Exploded(6) 
Sunday 04/30/20235:30 PMPerigo Park-Softball Field 2 (Pitch 5)Indian HawksLagaanBATMEN RISESbatting sideLeague Indian Hawks Lagaan(7) 
Sunday 04/30/20239:00 AMRon RegisXtremersPSCC SarfaroshERC Blizzardbatting sideLeague PSCC Sarfarosh Xtremers(7) 
Friday 05/05/20238:30 PMGrassLawn Park-Softball Field 1The DonsDeadPoolPitchHikersbatting sideLeague DeadPool The Dons(7) 
Saturday 05/06/20232:00 AMRon RegisGreat EightDabangg RegimentEight MusketersOriginal: 4_30League Great Eight Dabangg Regiment(7) 
Sunday 05/14/20232:00 PMNorth SeaTac ParkPSCC SarfaroshLagaanTakbeerbatting sideLeague PSCC Sarfarosh Lagaan(5) 
Saturday 05/20/20239:00 AMCentral Park Field #1 (Pitch 1)XtremersTurbosPSCC Sarfaroshbatting sideLeague Xtremers Turbos(6) 
Saturday 05/20/202311:30 AMCentral Park Field #1 (Pitch 2)Indian HawksPSCC SarfaroshDabangg Regimentbatting sideLeague Indian Hawks PSCC Sarfarosh(7) 
Saturday 05/20/20232:00 PMCentral Park Field #1 (Pitch 3)LagaanDabangg RegimentIndian Hawksbatting sideLeague Dabangg Regiment Lagaan(8) 
Saturday 05/20/20234:30 PMCentral Park Field #1Great EightWeekend WarriorsLagaanbatting sideLeague Great Eight Weekend Warriors(10) 
Saturday 05/20/20232:00 PMMarymoor Park Soccer #05 (Pitch 3)The OppositionStunnersMaster Blastersbatting sideLeague Stunners The Opposition(6) 
Saturday 05/20/20234:30 PMMarymoor Park Soccer #05GalacticosMaster BlastersThe Oppositionbatting sideLeague Master Blasters Galacticos(3) 
Saturday 05/20/20238:00 AMNorth Robinswood ParkThe DonsPitchHikersJootbatting sideLeague PitchHikers The Dons(9) 
Saturday 05/20/20239:00 AMNorth SeaTac ParkBATMENSidewinders ExplodedTitansbatting sideLeague BATMEN Sidewinders Exploded(5) 
Saturday 05/20/202311:30 AMNorth SeaTac ParkTitansPower HittersDabangDashersbatting sideLeague Titans Power Hitters(5) 
Saturday 05/20/20232:00 PMNorth SeaTac ParkTeam-MIBDabangDashersDeadPoolbatting sideLeague DabangDashers Team-MIB(5) 
Saturday 05/20/20234:30 PMNorth SeaTac ParkDeadPoolRuthless StrikersTeam-MIBbatting sideLeague DeadPool Ruthless Strikers(4) 
Saturday 05/20/20236:00 PMPerigo Park-Softball Field 2 (Pitch 5)BATMEN RISESLastsamuraisSeattle Sharksbatting sideLeague BATMEN RISES Lastsamurais(8) 
Saturday 06/10/20233:30 PMNorth SeaTac ParkPitchHikersGalacticosRedmond Indiansbatting sideLeague PitchHikers Galacticos(9) 
Saturday 06/10/20236:00 PMPerigo Park-Softball Field 2 (Pitch 5)The OppositionMaster BlastersShershahbatting sideLeague The Opposition Master Blasters(7) 
Saturday 06/10/20238:00 AMRon RegisDeadPoolStunnersThe Donsbatting sideLeague DeadPool Stunners(3) 
Saturday 06/10/202310:30 AMRon RegisRuthless StrikersThe DonsDeadPoolbatting sideLeague Ruthless Strikers The Dons(4) 
Saturday 06/10/20231:00 PMRon RegisSidewinders ExplodedTeam-MIBRuthless Strikersbatting sideLeague Team-MIB Sidewinders Exploded(7) 
Saturday 06/10/20233:30 PMRon RegisDabangDashersPower HittersSidewinders Explodedbatting sideLeague Power Hitters DabangDashers(9) 
Saturday 06/10/20239:00 AMWilburton Hill Park - Soccer Field (Pitch 1)PSCC SarfaroshTurbosSunrisersbatting sideLeague PSCC Sarfarosh Turbos(5) 
Sunday 06/11/20238:00 AMEastlake High School Stadium (Section 1) (Pitch 1)TitansBATMEN RISESLoveliesbatting sideLeague Titans BATMEN RISES(4) 
Sunday 06/11/20231:00 PMEastlake High School Stadium (Section 1) (Pitch 3)Indian HawksDabangg RegimentRed Hawks Challengersbatting sideLeague Dabangg Regiment Indian Hawks(6) 
Sunday 06/11/202310:30 AMEastlake High School Stadium (Section 2) (Pitch 2)Great EightXtremersSlammersbatting sideLeague Xtremers Great Eight(8) 
Sunday 06/11/20231:00 PMEastlake High School Stadium (Section 2) (Pitch 3)LagaanWeekend WarriorsGreat Eightbatting sideLeague Weekend Warriors Lagaan(9) 
Saturday 06/24/202310:30 AMCentral Park Field #1 (Pitch 2)PitchHikersMaster BlastersWe8batting sideLeague PitchHikers Master Blasters(9) 
Saturday 06/24/20231:00 PMCentral Park Field #1 (Pitch 3)The OppositionDeadPoolPitchHikersbatting sideLeague The Opposition DeadPool(5) 
Saturday 06/24/20233:30 PMCentral Park Field #1 (Pitch 4)Ruthless StrikersGalacticosSidewinders Reloadedbatting sideLeague Ruthless Strikers Galacticos(4) 
Saturday 06/24/20238:00 AMCentral Park Field #2 (Pitch 1)The DonsStunnersSidewinders Explodedbatting sideLeague The Dons Stunners(3) 
Saturday 06/24/202310:30 AMCentral Park Field #2 (Pitch 2)Sidewinders ExplodedDabangDashersBATMEN RISESbatting sideLeague DabangDashers Sidewinders Exploded(0) 
Saturday 06/24/20231:00 PMCentral Park Field #2 (Pitch 3)BATMEN RISESPower HittersDabangDashersbatting sideLeague BATMEN RISES Power Hitters(8) 
Saturday 06/24/20233:30 PMCentral Park Field #2 (Pitch 4)LastsamuraisTeam-MIBPower Hittersbatting sideLeague Tie/Abandon Team-MIB(15) 
Saturday 06/24/20238:00 AMGrassLawn Park-Softball Field 1 (Pitch 1)BATMENTitansDabangg Regimentbatting sideLeague BATMEN Titans(7) 
Saturday 06/24/202310:30 AMGrassLawn Park-Softball Field 1 (Pitch 2)PSCC SarfaroshDabangg RegimentGreat Eightbatting sideLeague PSCC Sarfarosh Dabangg Regiment(8) 
Saturday 06/24/20231:00 PMGrassLawn Park-Softball Field 1 (Pitch 3)Great EightTurbosPSCC Sarfaroshbatting sideLeague Great Eight Turbos(8) 
Saturday 06/24/20233:30 PMGrassLawn Park-Softball Field 1 (Pitch 4)Weekend WarriorsIndian HawksXtremersbatting sideLeague Indian Hawks Weekend Warriors(5) 
Saturday 06/24/20236:00 PMGrassLawn Park-Softball Field 1 (Pitch 5)LagaanXtremersIndian Hawksbatting sideLeague Lagaan Xtremers(8) 
Sunday 07/09/20239:00 AMNorth SeaTac ParkPSCC SarfaroshBATMENThe OppositionIndian HawksQuarter Finals PSCC Sarfarosh BATMEN(7) 
Sunday 07/09/202311:30 AMNorth SeaTac ParkThe OppositionIndian HawksBATMENPSCC SarfaroshQuarter Finals Indian Hawks The Opposition(7) 
Sunday 07/09/20232:00 PMNorth SeaTac ParkPitchHikersMaster BlastersWeekend WarriorsTitansQuarter Finals PitchHikers Master Blasters(8) 
Sunday 07/09/20234:30 PMNorth SeaTac ParkTitansWeekend WarriorsPitchHikersMaster BlastersQuarter Finals Weekend Warriors Titans(7) 
Saturday 07/15/20232:00 PMNorth SeaTac ParkPSCC SarfaroshWeekend WarriorsPitchHikersIndian HawksSemi Finals PSCC Sarfarosh Weekend Warriors(7) 
Saturday 07/15/20234:30 PMNorth SeaTac ParkIndian HawksPitchHikersPSCC SarfaroshWeekend WarriorsSemi Finals Indian Hawks PitchHikers(6) 
Saturday 07/22/202311:30 AMNorth SeaTac ParkIndian HawksPSCC SarfaroshFatehcc-MavericksPSCC ElitesFinals PSCC Sarfarosh Indian Hawks(5)