Fall 2022 - Kids B

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Umpiring Assignments

Upcoming Games

League Schedule

DateTimeGroundTeam1Team2UmpireUmpire2Match TypeWinnerRunnerComment
Saturday 09/24/202211:30 AMRedmond High School Stadium (Section 2) (Pitch 2)Raging RoyalsSammamish StrikersPikachoos League Tie/Abandon   
Saturday 10/08/202211:30 AMRedmond High School Stadium (Section 2) (Pitch 2)Sammamish StrikersRaging RoyalsBatting team League Sammamish Strikers Raging Royals(3) 
Saturday 10/15/202211:30 AMRedmond High School Stadium (Section 2) (Pitch 2)Sammamish StrikersRaging RoyalsMsksca hawks League Sammamish Strikers Raging Royals(4) 
Saturday 10/22/202211:30 AMRedmond High School Stadium (Section 1) (Pitch 2)Raging RoyalsSammamish StrikersMsksca hawks League Raging Royals   
Saturday 10/29/20224:00 PMRedmond High School Stadium (Section 2) (Pitch 4)Sammamish StrikersRaging Royals  Finals Sammamish Strikers Raging Royals(5)