Spring 2023 - Div G

Team Stats

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Umpiring assignments

DateTimeGroundTeam1Team2Umpire1Umpire2Match TypeDivison
Saturday 04/01/202310:30 AMHidden Valley Park Field 1 (Pitch 2)DV Sports-SouthPulikkoottam - TuskersBellevue Strikersbatting sideLeagueDiv G
Sunday 05/14/202311:30 AMNorth SeaTac ParkDV Sports-SouthWashington WarriorsBellevue Strikersbatting sideLeagueDiv G
Sunday 06/18/20231:00 PMHidden Valley Park Field 1 (Pitch 3)ShershahPoker StarsBellevue Strikersbatting sideLeagueDiv G
Saturday 06/24/202310:30 AMNorth Creek Sports Field #4 (Pitch 2)Blue CapsMutantsBellevue Strikersbatting sideLeagueDiv G
Sunday 04/21/202411:30 AMBig Finn Hill Park (Pitch 2)ShershahRainier RaisersBellevue StrikersBatting TeamLeagueDiv G
Sunday 06/23/20246:00 PMPetrovitsky Park Field #2 (Pitch 5)Rain City StrikersKirkland KnightsBellevue StrikersBatting TeamLeagueDiv G


TeamOppositionMatch TypeMatch DateMatch TimeUmpire1Umpire2GroundResultPoints
Bellevue Strikers Shershah LeagueSaturday 04/01/20231:00 PMMutantsbatting sideHidden Valley Park Field 1 (Pitch 3) Bellevue Strikers Won 25
Bellevue Strikers Bat Boys LeagueSunday 04/09/20234:00 PMPulikkoottam - Tuskersbatting sideMarymoor Park Soccer #05 (Pitch 4) Bat Boys Won 5
Bellevue Strikers Blue Caps LeagueSunday 04/23/20235:30 PMSeattle Sharksbatting sidePerigo Park-Softball Field 2 (Pitch 5) Bellevue Strikers Won 25
Bellevue Strikers The Royals LeagueSunday 05/14/20239:00 AMWashington Warriorsbatting sideNorth SeaTac Park The Royals Won 4
Bellevue Strikers Mutants LeagueSunday 06/04/20233:30 PMPoker Starsbatting sideNorth SeaTac Park Mutants Won 7
Bellevue Strikers Pulikkoottam - Tuskers LeagueSunday 06/18/20233:30 PMDv Sports-Southbatting sideHidden Valley Park Field 1 (Pitch 4) bellevue strikers Won 22
Bellevue Strikers DV Sports-South LeagueSaturday 06/24/20231:00 PMBlue Capsbatting sideNorth Creek Sports Field #4 (Pitch 3) bellevue strikers Won 25

Batting (Including Playoffs)

PlayerPlayer_IdTeamInningsRunsBallsFoursSixsStrike Rate
Dharma Teja 64888Bellevue Strikers71671689399.4
Rakesh Raj 64882Bellevue Strikers61201514179.47
Rakesh nani Reddy 64643Bellevue Strikers647521190.38
Ashwin Pingali 64886Bellevue Strikers546591077.97
Varun Bhatia 64881Bellevue Strikers333482068.75
Saurabh Jarial 64885Bellevue Strikers526292289.66
Vishnu Kumar 64887Bellevue Strikers521300070
Sandeep Doranala 64884Bellevue Strikers519250176
Sirajudeen PJ 64883Bellevue Strikers311280039.29
Sahil Vue 65014Bellevue Strikers310120083.33

Bowling (Including Playoffs)

PlayerPlayer_IdTeamInningsOversMaidensRunsWicketsAverageEco Rate
Rakesh nani Reddy 64643Bellevue Strikers726.00013910135.35
Dharma Teja 64888Bellevue Strikers723.40012010125.13
Sirajudeen PJ 64883Bellevue Strikers617.2011027145.93
Vishnu Kumar 64887Bellevue Strikers720.0001196195.95
Saurabh Jarial 64885Bellevue Strikers34.000311317.75
Ashwin Pingali 64886Bellevue Strikers12.00016008.00
Sahil Vue 65014Bellevue Strikers22.00013006.50
Sandeep Doranala 64884Bellevue Strikers57.00059008.43
Rakesh Raj 64882Bellevue Strikers12.00014007.00