Spring 2023 - Div G

Team Stats

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Umpiring assignments

DateTimeGroundTeam1Team2Umpire1Umpire2Match TypeDivison
Sunday 04/16/202311:30 AMNorth SeaTac ParkPower PlayGillyKnightridersbatting sideLeagueDiv D
Sunday 04/23/20239:00 AMNorth SeaTac ParkPulikkoottam - RoyalsWhite WolvesKnightridersbatting sideLeagueDiv F
Sunday 06/04/20233:30 PMHidden Valley Park Field 1 (Pitch 4)Peaky BlindersBRCL BluesKnightridersbatting sideLeagueDiv G
Saturday 06/17/202310:30 AMEastlake High School Stadium (Section 2) (Pitch 2)SeattleindianroyalsSeattle United - SuperchargedKnightridersbatting sideLeagueDiv G
Sunday 04/21/20244:30 PMPetrovitsky Park Field #1BATMENFatehCC-WizardsKnightridersBatting TeamLeagueDiv A
Sunday 05/19/20248:00 AMNorth Robinswood ParkRoyal Challengers BellevueEpothum Varutha Padatha Valibar SangamKnightridersBatting TeamLeagueDiv E
Saturday 06/15/202410:30 AMPetrovitsky Park Field #2 (Pitch 2)BellevueBoyzSuper Fit ChallengersKnightridersBatting TeamLeagueDiv B


TeamOppositionMatch TypeMatch DateMatch TimeUmpire1Umpire2GroundResultPoints
Knightriders DV Sports-North LeagueSaturday 04/01/20238:00 AMRoyal Challengers Redmondbatting sideGrassLawn Park-Softball Field 1 (Pitch 1) Knightriders Won 23
Knightriders Royal Challengers Redmond LeagueSunday 04/09/20236:00 PMPulikkoottam - Kingsbatting sideHartman Park-Soccer Field (Pitch 5) Knightriders Won 30
Knightriders Peaky Blinders LeagueSunday 04/16/20239:00 AMPower Playbatting sideNorth SeaTac Park KnightRiders Won 22
Knightriders Ashtam LeagueSunday 04/23/202311:30 AMRoyal Challengers Redmondbatting sideNorth SeaTac Park KnightRiders Won 20
Knightriders Seattleindianroyals LeagueSunday 06/04/20231:00 PMFatehCC-Legendsbatting sideHidden Valley Park Field 1 (Pitch 3) seattleindianroyals Won 5
Knightriders BRCL Blues LeagueSaturday 06/17/20238:00 AMSeattleindianroyalsbatting sideEastlake High School Stadium (Section 2) (Pitch 1) BRCL Blues Won 2
Knightriders Seattle United - Supercharged LeagueSaturday 06/24/20236:00 PMLWCCbatting sideRon Regis KnightRiders Won 27

Batting (Including Playoffs)

PlayerPlayer_IdTeamInningsRunsBallsFoursSixsStrike Rate
Aditya Pelluri 63941Knightriders61291643078.66
Raj Kumar R 63978Knightriders61061402175.71
Tilak Reddy 63943Knightriders659702084.29
Srikar Demagu 63921Knightriders653940056.38
Praveen Malla 63919Knightriders417280060.71
Ajay Pampana 63981Knightriders316190084.21
Dheemanth D 64603Knightriders315221068.18
Nikhilesh Nilangekar 63979Knightriders311230047.83
Gagan Jagadeesha 64602Knightriders47150046.67
Praneeth Y KR 64449Knightriders100000
Sarat Vemulapalli 63965Knightriders102000

Bowling (Including Playoffs)

PlayerPlayer_IdTeamInningsOversMaidensRunsWicketsAverageEco Rate
Praveen Malla 63919Knightriders623.30283993.56
Ajay Pampana 63981Knightriders620.0001079115.35
Gagan Jagadeesha 64602Knightriders512.100897127.36
Raj Kumar R 63978Knightriders724.4011245245.08
Nikhilesh Nilangekar 63979Knightriders36.00031005.17
Praneeth Y KR 64449Knightriders13.00012004.00
Dheemanth D 64603Knightriders24.00028007.00