Summer 2024 - Div C

Team Stats

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Umpiring assignments


TeamOppositionMatch TypeMatch DateMatch TimeUmpire1Umpire2GroundResultPoints
Seattle Blues CrickChamps LeagueSaturday 03/25/20239:00 AMSidewinders Reloadedbatting sideMeadowdale Multipurpose Field 1 (Pitch 1) Seattle Blues Won 23
Seattle Blues Pirates of Seattle LeagueSunday 04/02/20232:00 PMDestroyersbatting sideRon Regis Seattle Blues Won 23
Seattle Blues Bouncers LeagueSaturday 04/15/20234:30 PMTorpedoesbatting sideRon Regis Seattle Blues Won 27
Seattle Blues Destroyers LeagueSaturday 05/06/20239:00 AMBouncersbatting sideNorth SeaTac Park Seattle Blues Won, Destroyers penalized (multiple players rule) 25
Seattle Blues Sidewinders Reloaded LeagueSunday 05/21/20239:00 AMSuper Fit Challengersbatting sideNorth SeaTac Park Seattle Blues Won 28
Seattle Blues Super Fit Challengers LeagueSaturday 06/17/202310:30 AMSeattle Devilsbatting sideNorth SeaTac Park Super Fit Challengers Won 5
Seattle Blues Torpedoes LeagueSaturday 06/24/20233:30 PMThunderbatting sideNorth SeaTac Park Seattle Blues Won 26
Seattle Blues Daredevils CC Quarter FinalsSaturday 07/08/20231:00 PMSharabi CricketersMaster MindsGrassLawn Park-Softball Field 1 (Pitch 3) Seattle Blues Won 21
Seattle Blues Super Fit Challengers Semi FinalsSunday 07/16/202311:30 AMIndia RebelsMaster MindsNorth SeaTac Park Seattle Blues Won 22
Seattle Blues Master Minds FinalsSaturday 07/22/20232:00 PMBouncersSound8North SeaTac Park Master Minds Won 5

Batting (Including Playoffs)

PlayerPlayer_IdTeamInningsRunsBallsFoursSixsStrike Rate
Raghav Sandhu 63663Seattle Blues101852213083.71
Ashish Goel 41965Seattle Blues613712571109.6
Vivek Singh 35388Seattle Blues911893102126.88
Karmveer Soni 64740Seattle Blues71161316088.55
Ashutosh Rai 45613Seattle Blues9881025286.27
Surya Teja 64009Seattle Blues635402087.5
Venkat Saladi 49013Seattle Blues329463063.04
Vishwa Reddy 63976Seattle Blues429460163.04
Manjunath B 51545Seattle Blues418221081.82
Raju Siruvuri 64688Seattle Blues56500120
Hamza Saleem 64008Seattle Blues3480050
Vivek Jadon 64048Seattle Blues2460066.67
Sagar Sunil Kulkarni 64050Seattle Blues33300100
Prasanth Buddiga 64742Seattle Blues1160016.67
Nikhil Baireddy 64689Seattle Blues200000

Bowling (Including Playoffs)

PlayerPlayer_IdTeamInningsOversMaidensRunsWicketsAverageEco Rate
Ashish Goel 41965Seattle Blues621.000801363.81
Vivek Singh 35388Seattle Blues1036.00017712144.92
Raghav Sandhu 63663Seattle Blues828.0011437205.11
Manjunath B 51545Seattle Blues415.000896145.93
Raju Siruvuri 64688Seattle Blues621.001936154.43
Hamza Saleem 64008Seattle Blues512.400934237.50
Karmveer Soni 64740Seattle Blues36.000412206.83
Prasanth Buddiga 64742Seattle Blues13.000181186.00
Sagar Sunil Kulkarni 64050Seattle Blues13.000101103.33
Nikhil Baireddy 64689Seattle Blues12.0009194.50
Vishwa Reddy 63976Seattle Blues35.000391397.80