Spring 2023 - Div A

Team Stats

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Umpiring assignments

DateTimeGroundTeam1Team2Umpire1Umpire2Match TypeDivison
Saturday 04/22/202310:30 AMHidden Valley Park Field 1 (Pitch 2)CerealKillersWe8PSCC Elitesbatting sideLeagueDiv A
Saturday 04/29/20232:00 PMNorth SeaTac ParkCross Street HooligansBelieversPSCC Elitesbatting sideLeagueDiv A
Saturday 05/06/20238:00 AMHidden Valley Park Field 1 (Pitch 1)Northern ThunderTakbeerPSCC Elitesbatting sideLeagueDiv C
Saturday 07/08/20234:30 PMNorth SeaTac ParkFatehcc-MavericksSidewindersPulikkoottam - TitansPSCC ElitesQuarter FinalsDiv A
Saturday 07/15/20239:00 AMNorth SeaTac ParkHyderabad BluesFatehcc-MavericksPSCC ElitesJootSemi FinalsDiv A
Saturday 07/22/202311:30 AMNorth SeaTac ParkIndian HawksPSCC SarfaroshFatehcc-MavericksPSCC ElitesFinalsDiv B
Saturday 04/27/202411:30 AMNorth SeaTac ParkDestroyersTakbeerPSCC Elitesbatting sideLeagueDiv D


TeamOppositionMatch TypeMatch DateMatch TimeUmpire1Umpire2GroundResultPoints
PSCC Elites Sidewinders LeagueSaturday 03/18/20231:00 PMDowntown Rowdiesbatting sideHidden Valley Park Field 1 (Pitch 3) PSCC Elites Won 20
PSCC Elites Incrediblz LeagueSaturday 04/22/20238:00 AMWe8batting sideHidden Valley Park Field 1 (Pitch 1) PSCC Elites Won 26
PSCC Elites Downtown Rowdies LeagueSaturday 04/29/20234:30 PMCross Street Hooligansbatting sideNorth SeaTac Park PSCC Elites Won 25
PSCC Elites Pulikkoottam - Titans LeagueSaturday 05/06/202310:30 AMSheirokom Teambatting sideHidden Valley Park Field 1 (Pitch 2) PSCC Elites Won 23
PSCC Elites Cross Street Hooligans LeagueSaturday 05/20/20231:00 PMDowntown Rowdiesbatting sideHidden Valley Park Field 1 (Pitch 3) Cross Street Hooligans Won 3
PSCC Elites Swing n Drive LeagueSaturday 06/10/20233:30 PMBelieversbatting sideHidden Valley Park Field 1 (Pitch 4) PSCC Elites Won 21
PSCC Elites Believers LeagueSunday 06/18/20236:00 PMMachani Strikersbatting sideNorth SeaTac Park Match Abandon  
PSCC Elites Pulikkoottam - Titans Quarter FinalsSaturday 07/08/20232:00 PMFatehcc-MavericksSidewindersNorth SeaTac Park PSCC Elites Won 22
PSCC Elites Joot Semi FinalsSaturday 07/15/202311:30 AMHyderabad BluesFatehcc-MavericksNorth SeaTac Park pscc elites Won 21
PSCC Elites Fatehcc-Mavericks FinalsSaturday 07/22/20239:00 AMIndian HawksPSCC SarfaroshNorth SeaTac Park PSCC Elites Won 23

Batting (Including Playoffs)

PlayerPlayer_IdTeamInningsRunsBallsFoursSixsStrike Rate
Mohammed Tameem Taha 46511PSCC Elites722012764173.23
Aasim Mohammed 41644PSCC Elites8909043100
Abdul Khader 35981PSCC Elites5865053172
Sudheer Ambati 62783PSCC Elites7866520132.31
Ashraf Ali Mohammed 38769PSCC Elites9785810134.48
Nisar Ansari 8630PSCC Elites7736760108.96
Annu Haq 57170PSCC Elites3636032105
Falahuddin Syed 41771PSCC Elites527400067.5
Tushar K 65386PSCC Elites3212110100
Tanul Kala 62784PSCC Elites318241075
Kruti D 65126PSCC Elites27600116.67
Chirag Jain 62782PSCC Elites5380037.5
Syed Anwar Ali 44383PSCC Elites1350060
Saahil Bansal 65127PSCC Elites110000
Amir Mohammed 1660PSCC Elites100000

Bowling (Including Playoffs)

PlayerPlayer_IdTeamInningsOversMaidensRunsWicketsAverageEco Rate
Chirag Jain 62782PSCC Elites515.901691064.34
Nisar Ansari 8630PSCC Elites828.0001477215.25
Abdul Khader 35981PSCC Elites519.000807114.21
Tanul Kala 62784PSCC Elites516.300865175.28
Ashraf Ali Mohammed 38769PSCC Elites933.5002084526.21
Santosh P 41848PSCC Elites14.00022455.50
Sudheer Ambati 62783PSCC Elites25.00019363.80
Tushar K 65386PSCC Elites25.000262135.20
Aasim Mohammed 41644PSCC Elites12.000191199.50
Amir Mohammed 1660PSCC Elites12.00010005.00