Spring 2019 - Div B

Team Stats

Umpiring assignments


TeamOppositionMatch TypeMatch DateMatch TimeGroundResultPoints
The Sloggers Takbeer LeagueSunday 07/15/20186:00 PMNorth SeaTac Park The Sloggers Won 24
The Sloggers BATMEN LeagueSunday 08/05/201810:30 AMGrassLawn Park-Softball Field 1 (Pitch 2) BATMEN Won 10
The Sloggers Super Fit Warriors LeagueSaturday 08/18/20184:30 PMHidden Valley Park Field 1 Super Fit Warriors Won 6
The Sloggers Lastsamurais LeagueSaturday 09/15/20182:00 PMNorth SeaTac Park The Sloggers Won 27
The Sloggers The Dons LeagueSunday 09/30/20189:00 AMRon Regis The Sloggers Won 23
The Sloggers The Opposition LeagueSunday 10/14/20188:00 amShoreline Ground The Sloggers Won 23
The Sloggers Slammers LeagueSaturday 10/20/201812:00 pmHartman Park-Soccer Field The sloggers Won 22
The Sloggers Kiraak Quarter FinalsSaturday 10/27/20183:30 PMNorth SeaTac Park The sloggers Won 27
The Sloggers Washington Cricketers Semi FinalsSunday 11/04/20183:30 PMMS Ground #5 (Pitch 4) Washington Cricketers Won 6

Batting (Including Playoffs)

PlayerPlayer_IdTeamInningsRunsBallsFoursSixsStrike Rate
Chandrasekhar Kurali 700The Sloggers9232170187136.47
Arka Ganguly 39317The Sloggers81311479189.12
Anvesh venkataseshula the sloggers 2310 2310The Sloggers8114101102112.87
Dinesh Kukreja 40504The Sloggers71121434078.32
Vignesh Pratap 703The Sloggers872795491.14
Vikas Vennavali 16148The Sloggers424430055.81
Abhishek Bhattacharjee 38930The Sloggers421321065.63
Penchal Gaddam sloggers 56978The Sloggers2201521133.33
Rajat Jain 719The Sloggers315200075
Manav Kesar 723The Sloggers313250052
Anil Kumar 35419The Sloggers110130076.92
Raja Vangala 10227The Sloggers4790077.78
Phaneendra Babu Veguru 701The Sloggers203000

Bowling (Including Playoffs)

PlayerPlayer_IdTeamInningsOversMaidensRunsWicketsAverageEco Rate
Chandrasekhar Kurali 700The Sloggers933.2001511784.55
Dinesh Kukreja 40504The Sloggers714.40079985.49
Anvesh venkataseshula the sloggers 2310 2310The Sloggers826.0001737246.65
Vikas Vennavali 16148The Sloggers723.5001234305.23
Manav Kesar 723The Sloggers310.000634156.30
Abhishek Bhattacharjee 38930The Sloggers23.00013434.33
Raja Vangala 10227The Sloggers518.001903305.00
Penchal Gaddam sloggers 56978The Sloggers14.000231235.75
Phaneendra Babu Veguru 701The Sloggers13.00017005.67
Anil Kumar 35419The Sloggers11.0007007.00