Fall 2018 - Div B

Team Stats

Umpiring assignments


TeamOppositionMatch TypeMatch DateMatch TimeGroundResultPoints
Gilly Undertakers LeagueSaturday 08/05/201711:30 AMShoreline Ground Undertakers Won 5
Gilly Chennai Warriors LeagueSaturday 08/19/20171:00 PMHartman Park #5 (Pitch 3) Chennai Warriors Won 8
Gilly Lastsamurais LeagueSunday 08/27/20179:00 AMJeanne Hansen Park Field 1 Gilly Won 23
Gilly The Dons LeagueSunday 09/17/20172:00 PMHartman Park #5 (Pitch 3) The Dons Won 5
Gilly Swing n Drive LeagueSunday 10/01/20173:30 PMTukwila Ground Swing n Drive Won 6
Gilly Turbos LeagueSunday 10/08/20171:00 PMShoreline Ground turbos Won 4
Gilly SeattleJaguars LeagueSaturday 10/21/201711:30 AMNorth SeaTac Park SeattleJaguars Won 4

Batting (Including Playoffs)

PlayerPlayer_IdTeamInningsRunsBallsFoursSixsStrike Rate
Anand Subbaraj 1891Gilly41121314085.5
Nikhil Chury 8476Gilly4776061128.33
Raghu Bhat 51543Gilly6651013064.36
Rajesh Selvamani 10377Gilly541602068.33
Subramaniam Turuvekere 40397Gilly633373089.19
Praveen Akula 9706Gilly331530158.49
Hiren Shah 39306Gilly2292121138.1
Srini Bollepalli 46046Gilly3232200104.55
Bodhan Bathla 3445Gilly321320065.63
Srinivasan Turuvekere 13891Gilly216182088.89
Sandeep Prabhakar 11942Gilly312330036.36
Venkat Gandhi 46296Gilly210121083.33
Uday Unni 15237Gilly24160025
Rahul Raphael 40509Gilly1480050
Balaji Bhaskar 51583Gilly32100020
Vijay Manian 15921Gilly22130015.38
Vasant Patil 47646Gilly100000

Bowling (Including Playoffs)

PlayerPlayer_IdTeamInningsOversMaidensRunsWicketsAverageEco Rate
Nikhil Chury 8476Gilly416.000724184.50
Anand Subbaraj 1891Gilly415.001643214.27
Rajesh Selvamani 10377Gilly516.000963326.00
Vijay Manian 15921Gilly38.300423145.06
Srini Bollepalli 46046Gilly39.300632316.77
Hiren Shah 39306Gilly27.000651659.29
Balaji Bhaskar 51583Gilly39.000471475.22
Praveen Akula 9706Gilly11.3001711713.08
Bodhan Bathla 3445Gilly35.00038007.60
Sandeep Prabhakar 11942Gilly11.000190019.00
Srinivasan Turuvekere 13891Gilly26.00057009.50
Uday Unni 15237Gilly25.00026005.20
Vasant Patil 47646Gilly10.400160040.00