Spring 2018 - Div G

Match Scorecard

ARCL Tennis Ball Scorecard - Match (Bellevue Stars vs The Ultimate Warriors)

Match: Bellevue Stars vs The Ultimate Warriors

Date: 7/1/2018 12:00:00 AM

Winner: The Ultimate Warriors

Man of the match: Warriors

Umpire: Coconut Thieves - Lions

Ground: North SeaTac Park

Toss: The Ultimate Warriors

First Innings

Batting: Bellevue Stars

Rajendra PokhrelcaughtManoj The Ultimate Warriors 7437Pradumn Bajpai  240
Swapnil Ranjithitout Manan Shah TUW  390
Santosh JoshirunoutBhushan MagarSwapnil Yadav  10
James PradhancaughtBhushan MagarSwapnil Yadav  70
Mustakim Vhorabowled sandeep viswanathan  80
Ankit Prasadnot out    90
Jay Patelnot out    30
Asif Vahoradid not bat    00
   Extras  9 
Overs16.0 Total  100 
Rate6.25 Wickets  5 

Bowling: The Ultimate Warriors

sandeep viswanathan4.000  221
Swapnil Yadav4.00011151
Manan Shah TUW4.000 5281
Manoj The Ultimate Warriors 74372.000 2190
Pradumn Bajpai2.000  161
Byes    00
Total    1000

Second Innings

Batting: The Ultimate Warriors

Manoj The Ultimate Warriors 7437caughtJames PradhanAnkit Prasad 3260
Manan Shah TUWcaughtJames PradhanAnkit Prasad 1160
Dinesh TUWcaughtJames PradhanAnkit Prasad  00
Amar Kattinot out   1260
Bhushan MagarcaughtJames PradhanAnkit Prasad  100
Swapnil Yadavnot out  11130
sandeep viswanathandid not bat    00
Pradumn Bajpaidid not bat    00
   Extras  10 
Overs15.0 Total  101 
Rate6.73 Wickets  4 

Bowling: Bellevue Stars

Santosh Joshi4.000 3260
Rajendra Pokhrel4.00012230
Ankit Prasad4.000 1334
Swapnil Ranjit3.000 3190
Byes    00
Total    1010