Summer 2019 - Div B

Hyderabad Blues - Summer 2019 - Div B Champions

Hyderabad Blues - Summer 2019 - Div B Champions
Team NameRankPlayedWonLostDrawAbdnPenaltyPointsAverageNRRComments
Hyderabad Blues 1109100022522.51.64Champions
PSCC Riders 2106220019919.91.20Runners-up
Cross Street Hooligans 397101017421.751.71League Champions 3rd Place
Redmond Indians 496201016620.750.91lost semis
FatehCC-Patriots 585210014618.25-0.01lost qtrs
PSCC Elites 684310014317.881.59lost qtrs
Seattle Spartans 785300014117.631.49lost qtrs
Dabangg Regiment 884301012017.141.26lost qtrs
Sidewinders Exploded 975200012818.290.37 
PitchHikers 1074300012017.140.10 
The Opposition 1174300011316.140.04 
Power Hitters 127340009613.71-0.59 
Turbos 137330108113.5-0.24 
Indian Hawks 147340009413.43-0.46 
Team-MIB 157340009213.140.01 
Bing 167340009213.14-0.87 
Stunners 177240107712.830.08 
Titans 187340008912.71-0.42 
Xtremers 197340008912.71-0.66 
Lagaan 207240107612.67-0.33 
BATMEN 217160007010-0.11 
FatehCC-Falconz 227160010405.71-0.02 
The Dons 23707000355-1.89 
Volcanoes 24707000243.43-4.56 

Division Stars

Hyderabad Blues Champions
PSCC Riders Runners-up
Cross Street Hooligans League Champions 3rd Place

Best Batsman

Mohammed Tameem Taha PSCC Riders
Hari Menon Dabangg Regiment
Arun Company FatehCC-Falconz

Best Bowler

Santosh Chalapaka Hyderabad Blues
Rachit R. Dhall PitchHikers
Srikanth Reddy Bing

Best All Rounder

Vinayak Pothineni Seattle Spartans
Rajesh Dulam Team-MIB
Nisar Ansari PSCC Elites