Spring 2017 - Div B

Coconut Thieves - Tigers - Spring 2017 - Div B Champions

Coconut Thieves - Tigers - Spring 2017 - Div B Champions
Team NamePlayedWonLostDrawAbdnPenaltyPointsAverageRankNRRComments
Coconut Thieves - Tigers 1010000025125.111.58League Champions, Champions
Indian Hawks 108200021321.321.53Runners-up
Legion Of Dhoom 96300017419.3331.313rd Place
Downtown Rowdies 95301015018.7540.98lost semis
Super Fit Warriors 85300014718.3850.39lost qtrs
The Dons 85300014518.1360.86lost qtrs
Undertakers 86200014317.8870.11lost qtrs
Bing 85300014017.580.54lost qtrs
The Sloggers 7520001331990.36 
Expendables 74300012217.43101.05 
CrickChamps 74300012217.43110.35 
Turbos 74300012117.29120.63 
Lastsamurais 74300011816.8613-0.02 
Power Play 74300010214.5714-0.09 
Rebellions 7340009413.4315-0.84 
Expedians 7240107913.1716-0.22 
Takbeer 7340008912.71170.01 
SeattleJaguars 7240107312.1718-0.42 
Gilly 715010508.3319-0.51 
The Avengers 71600056820-0.88 
Bouncers 716000557.8621-1.62 
Seattle Super Kings 716000507.1422-1.34 
WILLOW WIELDERS 707000192.7123-2.41 
The Dark Knights 707001014224-1.87 

Division Stars

Quarter Final Standings
Coconut Thieves - Tigers League Champions, Champions
Indian Hawks Runners-up
Legion Of Dhoom 3rd Place

Best Batsman

Ilaiyaraja Rajamohan Power Play
Abhinav Jain Legion Of Dhoom
Soham The Sloggers 13731 The Sloggers

Best Bowler

Vinod R Indian Hawks
Saravanan Murugesan Lastsamurais

Best All Rounder

Saravanan Murugesan Lastsamurais
Abhinav Jain Legion Of Dhoom
Anvesh venkataseshula the sloggers 2310 The Sloggers