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Founded in late 2001, American Recreational League (ARL) is one of the earliest cricket leagues established in the Northwest. As the goal was recreational cricket, several non-stringent rules of the international version were introduced. Some of them being, the cricket ball was substituted by a hard tennis ball, only 8 players formed a team instead of the traditional 11, LBWs did not result in a loss in wickets.

Just 3 years after its inception, ARL introduced a women's tennis ball cricket division, making it the first and only league in the country to have a Women’s league.

In a period of 15 years, ARL expanded from a single division of men's cricket to 20+ such divisions, with teams promoted and demoted based on performance. ARL today proudly boasts of 200+ teams in the ongoing 2016 Spring league.

In 2015, ARL introduced Kids cricket league, making it the first and only league in the Northwest Region. The kids league kicked off with 20+ teams across 3 divisions.

In spite of the large number of teams, every team is given an opportunity to play a game once every week or two, at the most. ARL organizes games all over the suburbs of Seattle on different grounds.

Founded by 4 members -- Kal Raman, Viknarajesh Shanmugasundaram, Govi Bacthavachalu and Mohamed Iliyas, this league has come a long way in attaining the maturity and professionalism of some of the well-known leagues in the country. It is now coordinated by several members from playing teams -- Amit Garg, Anupama Menon, Arif Mohammad, Debbie Furtado, Faisal Baqai, Iliyas Mohamed, Milind Solage, Prakash Mamidi, Salman Zafar, Shadab Beg, Swati Singh and Yogita Manghnani

ARL is a non-profit organization and it's mission is to promote the spirit of fun in the face of healthy competition through the game of Cricket.

Previous members who had served in ARCL -- Ajay Manchepalli, Anand Kancherla, Anand Viadyanathan, April Bricker, Ghazni Ahmed, Govi Bacthavachalu, Hyma Raman, Kal Raman, Priya Ghate, Rekha Seshadrinathan, Sangita Jayaraman, Viknarajesh Shanmugasundaram, Vishwa Gaddamanugu, Vikas Singh, Vishwanath Manchikalapati

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